Linda Minnick:  Life Coaching

Like many of you, I've been looking for the 'meaning of (my) life' since I could think on my own. I've spent decades trying to find an answer to that.

As I reflect from where I am now, I realize I always knew why I was here. I am here to serve. I've spent many years finding ways to do so. In my travels, I discovered that the quality of my service to others was limited to the happiness I was experiencing in my life.

Like all of us, my happiness is dependent upon the way I perceive my life and my perceptions are based on my belief systems. So I found ways to change my beliefs and therefore changed my life. Is my life perfect? Depends on the day of the week! But am I happy? Yes.

I now dedicate my time and talents helping others move forward in their lives by changing their beliefs. One such belief being "I deserve to be my true self and have a life I love living."

How can I help you?

For those interested. Some of my experience and certifications:

- Entrepreneur - 20+ years

- National Sales/Motivational Speaker

- Published Author

- Certified Sales Coach

- Certified LifeMastery Coach

- PSYCH-K Facilitator

- PSYCH-K Health & Wellness Facilitator

- Ho'Oponopono Practitioner

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